Thursday, February 23, 2012

Behind The Book Signing

This past weekend, Omnific author Linda Cunningham had a book signing event at a local bookstore for her book, Small Town Girl. Omnific Marketing Associate, Traci Olsen was there to support Linda and today she offers up her view of the event.

Here's the thing about book events: you just never know how it will go. Bill Reed, one of the owners of Misty Valley Books, was telling me that they had Gregory Maguire come read and only 10 people showed up! They later realized it was the World Series, but still. Ten people showed up to hear the guy who wrote Wicked? Sheesh.

So when Linda secured this event near her hometown, I was excited but nervous; I tried to manage expectations.

I needn't have worried. Misty Valley Books was a perfect venue for a book about a small town in Vermont, and the sweet little bookstore was full to capacity. I counted at least thirty people, and more kept coming. We pushed together, Bill got us all more chairs, and people were standing in the back.  When everyone was finally settled, Linda started reading. My favorite part was all the women giggling and fanning themselves as Linda described her leading man, Caleb Cochran:

  "Automatically, she assessed him. He wasn’t that much older than herself, probably between thirty-five and forty. About six feet tall, he was dressed in scuffed work boots and jeans, belted low around trim hips. Lauren couldn’t help noticing the jeans were tight enough to betray the muscular thighs underneath. A snug fitting black T-shirt with the obligatory company logo printed on it sheathed well developed biceps, strong shoulders and a broad, hard muscled chest. His dark brown hair was cut short, but not so short Lauren did not notice it would be thick and quite wavy if allowed to grow out. And only his obviously overt masculinity kept his full lips from seeming almost too soft."

Quite a few ladies wanted to know if Caleb was based on a local person, and if so, what is his number?! Linda said no, which is too bad. I think a real Caleb would have found his business mysteriously booming after a reading like that!

After the reading, there was a great question and answer session, and then the line formed to get books signed. After working for so long on the book with Linda, it was so fun to sit there watching so many people with a real copy in their hands! I was proud to be there as an Omnific representative.

There was a lot of praise for our great editorial staff, our quality printing, and Linda's great cover.  This cover is a single day lily, because day lilies feature in a significant scene in Small Town Girl. She is planning a series, based on people from the small town she writes about, and each book will have the same "look", just a simple cover, one flower that is significant to the story. I asked Linda what the next flower would be, and she said a lilac, as the story takes place in springtime.

I am excited to see what Linda does next, and if you are ever in Vermont, stop by Misty Valley Books. It's a great little store, and Linda left a few signed copies behind!


  1. Sounds like it was a great event. Congrats!

  2. Love to hear your perspective, Traci, and it sounds like a smashing success! I can just picture all the ladies getting hot and bothered from that excerpt.