Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Author Kasi Alexander talks about RomCon

Authors Kasi and Reggie Alexander spent the weekend of June 22 at the wonderful reader event held in Denver, CO, RomCon. The pair were there talking about their speciality...BDSM and their new book, Saving Sunni. Kasi was nice enough to share their experience with us.

We went to RomCon in Denver over the weekend of June 22. It’s a great event for us because it’s local and fairly low-cost. I’ll give you a rundown on some of the great events they had.

Of course there were lots of yummy men running around, usually without shirts. They had a contest for Legendary Hero, which I didn’t get to see, but I heard it was really cool. I heard rumors about a photo shoot, but I didn’t get to see that either. The hotel also had a Leatherman’s dinner on Saturday night, so there was even more eye candy walking around for awhile—in tight leather, yet! (I don’t think that was done on purpose, but you never know. Either way, it was fun to watch.)

New this year (I think) was the Titanic Tea Party. Wherever I went I heard people talking about what a cool event it was. Every attendee was assigned a real person from the Titanic, along with their background. At the end of the event, they found out whether they lived or died. There was a formal tea, a lesson on the language of fans, and some very impressive costumes and history. Everyone raved about how much fun they had and the beautiful prizes they ended up with.

Reggie and Kasi signing books for their readers

Then there was the Casino Night and Murder Mystery. I had been to casino nights before, but never really got into them. This one was quite different. You got an identity at the door (I was a gambler) and had a few things you were supposed to complete by the end of the night. I actually got into playing Texas Hold ‘Em and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the game, but it was a good time.

And, of course, there was the Chocolate Mangasm, hosted by the delightful Delilah Marvelle. Mangasm is always a great (and yummy) time. If you didn’t want to do your best orgasm (with microphone, no less), you could put condoms on blow-up dolls while handcuffed to another participant or play musical dildo. And eat chocolate. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate.

The event isn’t really big, but that’s a good thing in some ways. The authors are really accessible, there are tons of really good giveaways, and nothing that I saw was uncomfortably crowded. We came away with bags full of books and prices and I have a new, very long list of authors I want to try. If you’re looking for a reader-focused event to try, then consider coming to Denver next year for RomCon 2013! 

Thanks so much for letting us into the RomCon world through your eyes. I mean where else will you get chocolate, handcuffs and a musical dildo?? Sign me up for next year!

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