Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poughkeepsie Giveaway and Blog Bounce!


One of Omnific's wonderful authors, Debra Anastasia,  is doing a giveaway that we wanted to tell you all about:

Did you love Poughkeepsie so much? Or have you not read it yet but feel like it's going to be a fun ride? Well this is the giveaway for you! I'm giving a bunch of eCopies away. One for you and one for a friend who is comfortable with you sharing their valid email. You can read Poughkeepsie together! How cute is that? Well it gets cuter. I'm also giving away crystal Poughkeepsie-themed charm bracelets, cardboard piano key chains, temporary tattoos, and bookmarks. You and your buddy will be adorable talking about all the filthy curses you find in my book. New creative ones you can whisper to each other in the movie theater while wearing your new Poughkeepsie bling. I can't even take how amazing you guys will be together. 

So what if you already read Poughkeepsie? Don't run away! Because if you win, you can substitute the eBook for Crushed Seraphim! What if you are made of rock soild awesome and have consumed all the books I have in the wild? Well you can keep the swag for yourself but pick TWO friends to win Poughkeepsie eCopies.

Check out Debra Anastasia's blog to enter to win a copy of Poughkeepsie and all the bling!

And now let's BOUNCE!!

Here's how this works:

If you are an author, click on "Get the Code Here" to get the link. Copy and paste that link in your blog post. Then hop right on and add your blog url to get added to the list.

If you are a reader, you get to bounce from blog to blog and meet some great new authors and maybe find some new books to read.

So everyone hop on and go for a bounce!

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