Monday, August 1, 2011

Ask an Editor

Hi everyone!

We wanted to announce a new feature here on our Omnific Blog. Once a month we will be asking for questions from you; readers, authors, bloggers... for our editors.

Do you want to know how to submit your query and synopsis?

Do you want to know how long the process takes from acceptance to publication?

Do you want to know how we get our beautiful covers done?

This is your chance to ask! Just leave a comment with your question below during the week (we'll take questions the first seven days of the month) and then check back with us the next week for some answers from our editing and production staff!

And don't forget to become a follower here to get in on the ONE OF A KIND giveaway of both Summer Lovin' Anthologies signed by all the authors (one of them is somewhere between me and Australia right now). The giveaway will end on August 15th, so make sure you get in on this one!!


  1. This looks like fun! Can I give you a question that an author recently asked me? "Why do you keep trying to stifle my Voice?" I don't know if this author was unique, or if that's something all writers wonder about the editing process, but I thought I'd put the question in the mix.

    Kathy Teel
    Managing Editor

  2. What a great idea for a feature! I know a lot of authors (myself included) are curious and baffled by a lot of the publishing process, and this will definitely help with that.