Friday, August 19, 2011

We've Been Busy!!

We have a WINNER!!!

      We did a random drawing of all of our followers after the contest ended on August 15th, and the winner of our signed Summer Lovin’ Anthology giveaway was Amanda. Make sure to get in contact with us, Amanda and give us all of your information so we can get those books out to you.


It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks at Omnific as we get ready for our new release in just over a week. And you all know what that means…INTERVIEW!! We will be posting an interview and excerpt from Patricia Leever’s Cat o’Nine Tails on August 29th.

Also, we were at RomCon in Denver over the weekend of August 5th and had such a great time! We met so many readers, bloggers, and authors. If you haven’t been to RomCon, make sure to put it on your “TO DO” list for next year.

RomCon is a fun conference geared toward the readers of all kinds of romance. The activities vary from informational panels where authors talk about their books to one-on-one teas with some wonderful romance authors.

And no need to worry about what to do at night either! This year’s big event was the Chocolate Mangasm…I’ll let you all think about that for a minute... I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend this event, but the halls were abuzz the next day about the superb quality of…chocolate (you thought I was going in a different direction, didn’t you?). Oh, and of men!

Our table was gorgeous, and I’m very sure that our stunning covers drew all the readers to us (though we did use chocolate and two great book giveaways as conversation starters). It was fun to find this year that people knew the Omnific name, and many had either already read several of our books, or they had them on their “to be read” list.

One of Omnific’s authors was lucky enough to attend the conference and be on several panels. Becoming sage author Kasi Alexander had a great time talking about the lifestyle that has influenced her writing. We talked with so many readers who loved hearing about Kasi’s inspirations and how her book came about. (And on a side note, we were so happy to get to spend time with Kasi and her family!).

If you aren’t following us already, make sure you do! We will be doing giveaways and special announcements from time to time and you don’t want to miss those!

Don’t forget about our Summer Lovin’ Anthologies, benefiting the Save the Tatas Foundation, are on sale through the end of September! All the proceeds go directly to help the Tatas!