Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Two: Nicki Elson

When Omnific Publishing told me they were hosting a super awesome holiday giveaway event, and that my 80s Chick Lit Romance, Three Daves, would be included in the Holiday Hotness Kindle, it didn't take long for me to offer up my master mix-making skillz to make a "tape" of my favorite Christmas songs from the 80s. And you know what a brand new mix tape means - PARTY!!!So come on in and meet the guys: David, Big D, & Dave.

Ehm, they appear to be rather, eh, tied up with the Christmas lights at the moment, so would you be a righteous babe and pop the tape into the boombox so we can get this party started? Thanks!

You can listen BOOMBOX-style at

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  1. I have this boo on my Kindle! Now I need life to slow down so I can read it!

  2. I don't have this book, but looks interesnting:-)

    Nicoleta D.

  3. This book sounds fantastic!! I love the 80's!!

  4. Ah, mix tapes. I used to spend HOURS making them! I loved Three Daves and it was great to see them represented in person. Which one is David, my fave?

  5. It's gotta be good if its 80's based!!

  6. I went to high school during the 80's, so I can't wait to see what is on your mix tape! I am dying to read this book!

  7. Happy Retro-Christmas, everybody! Jennifer, I say...he's the one in the Santa jacket. ;)

  8. I guessed Dave was the one in the Santa jacket. Fit's him. Loved the mix. I forgot Bruce Springsteen had a Christmas album. :)

  9. I remember mixed tapes!!! Wow, what a flashback.
    love it.

  10. I haven't met the Three Dave's yet! I need to win so that I can! Did I mention that I am not too proud to beg???

  11. Cute shoes on the cover:) Nothing like am 80's Rock mix tape!

  12. This has been on my to-read list for a while now!

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