Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Omnific...and BIG NEWS!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Today is Omnific's THIRD ANNIVERSARY, and we are so excited, because in addition to the awesome "THREE KINDLES FOR THREE GREAT YEARS" giveaway, we have BIG NEWS! HUGE NEWS! The BEST news! Ready for the headline?

Simon & Schuster has acquired rights to publish four of USA Today bestselling author Alice Clayton’s incredibly popular books WALLBANGER and THE REDHEAD SERIES, at auction in a four-book deal on behalf of Omnific Publishing. The major deal was facilitated by Pamela Harty of The Knight Agency.

In addition, Michelle Weiner of CAA is representing the film/television rights to WALLBANGER. She has already fielded multiple inquiries, the title generating significant Hollywood buzz among highly sought-after screenwriters and producers.

We are SO proud of Alice Clayton, and so pleased to have done the deal with Simon &Schuster! CONGRATULATIONS, ALICE! We can't think of a better anniversary gift!
And, now for YOUR gifts! Check out all of our amazing authors' blogs today on our blog hop and read, share, comment, tweet, etc. to get lots of entries in our Rafflecopter contest to win one of THREE KINDLES, each containing books from each year of our catalog!


Kindle #1 will feature all of Omnific's 2010 titles!
Passion Fish
Three Daves
Seers of Light
Boycotts & Barflies
A Valentine Anthology
Stitches and Scars
Eve of Samhain
Life, Liberty, and Pursuit
With Good Behavior
Trust in Advertising
Take the Cake
Immortal Awakening
Whisper of Light
Shades of Atlantis
Breaking Point

Kindle #2 will feature all of Omnific's 2011 titles!Indivisible
Pleasures Untold
Bad Behavior
Pieces of Us
Becoming sage
Crushed Seraphim
The Way That You Play It
Big Guns
It's Only Kinky the First Time
New Flame
Swim Recruit
Full Speed Ahead
The Second Sunrise
The Summer Prince
Whatever it Takes
Cat O' Nine Tails
The Guardian's Wildchild
Small Town Girl

Kindle #3 will feature all of Omnific's 2012/2013 titles!
Destiny's Fire
Grave Refrain
Burning Embers
Saving sunni
Cocktails and Dreams
The Winemaker's Dinner: No Reservations
The Winemaker's Dinner: RSVP
The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers
Recaptured Dreams
Glimpse of Light
Circle of Light
Between the Lies
Reaping Me Softly
Once Upon a Second Chance
Bittersweet Seraphim
The Winemaker's Dinner: Entree
A Christmas Wish
Blood Vine

You can enter to win via Rafflecopter on the Omnific Publishing Blog or on our author blogs February 14 -16, 2013!

And guess what? There's MORE!

In addition, our Omnific DEBUT COLLECTION will be on sale February 14-16 for only 99 cents each!

Passion Fish by Jessica McQuinn and Alison Oburia

Three Daves by Nicki Elson

Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels&nbsp

A Valentine Anthology by Alice Clayton, Jennifer DeLucy, Nicki Elson, Victoria Michaels, and Alison Oburia

Now, as if all of this were not enough of a celebration, there is actually more good news. Have you seen our new website? It's gorgeous and we love it!

But that wasn't the additional good news I was talking, there really is even more. Omnific is going to THE LONDON BOOK FAIR! We are so excited to be exhibiting at one of the largest book fairs in the world, and we're already booking appointments with foreign rights agents and foreign publishers to discuss our titles. We'll be in Earl's Court 2 at Q435, so if you'll be in London April 15-17, please come by and see us!

THANK YOU for an amazing three years, everyone! I can't wait to see what the next three years (and beyond) will bring!

Now get on the Blog Bounce and start collecting entries for those Kindles!

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and to Alice!!!!! Wow!!!!! Break out the champagne!!!

    The best Valentines Day gift is something heartfelt, something the receiver truly loves. For velvet cake, a new book, and hugs from my kiddos.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It has been fun for me to see you grow in the last three years. That was also around the time that I became a reviewer. You have been with me every step of the way and haven't even known it LOL. Congratulations on all of your success and good luck in the future!

  3. Congrats!! My ideal Valentine is spending the day with the person I love.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Ideal Valentine is someone who can give true love for the person that was meant for him/her.

  5. My ideal Vday is simple just to spend it with my family

  6. Congrats!!!! Love Alice and her books!
    My ideal Valentine? Just someone who lets me know they love me! Thanks!

  7. I know it's not fun and kind of lame, but I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. Too much fuss over something that should be done every day. So my ideal Valentine's day is doing nothing :)

  8. My ideal Valentine is someone who would make me feel special all year long, not just on Valentine's day!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    My ideal Valentine's Day? Being able to spend it with my children and husband :)

  10. My ideal Valentine would be turning on the snazzy Kindle I'll hopefully win from Omnific and reading stories so deliciously romantic my ovaries combust.

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    My ideal Valentine's Day, waking up with my hubby. I have VD everyday. Today and everyday with him is special. Sappy, I know. But what can I say, I waited a long, long time to find him.

    I lost my Kindle Fire. I am so lost without it. OMG, I have been reading paper books....I am so ashamed. (tee hee)

  12. Happy VD to you all! My ideal would be nothing but gifts from Lush and for my fiance to cook for me (I am soo sick of cooking).

  13. Happy Anniversary! My ideal Valentine would be a night away with my hubby. :)

  14. My ideal Valentine is spending the day with my fiance and having a romantic dinner.

  15. I would love to spend a great VD having a romantic dinner with a sexy Highlander in an old Scottish castle.

  16. My favorite Valentine is spending time with my husband and our girls sharing a meal and having some fun.

  17. congrats on 3 awesome years! thanks for the giveaway. my ideal valentine would be what i gave myself today - a day off from work to read all day!!!

  18. My favorite valentine is when my family helps clean the house, then I can relax and enjoy spending time with them. A great kiss from my husband is just icing on the cake! :)

  19. YAY!! I'm so excited for you Alice and everyone at Omnific!!! Congratulations!!!

    My favorite valentine is when my Honey does something simple that shows he's been paying attention. It's all about the warm fuzzy feel -- it really is the thought that counts!

  20. My ideal Valentine would be spending the day with my fireman.

  21. My ideal Valentines day would be not knowing its valentines day.

  22. I'm a simple girl, snuggling up on the couch with good wine, good food and a good movie.

  23. My ideal Valentines day would be a day when I slept all day and woke up on the 15th for half price chocolate :)

  24. Ideal Valentine? My wife of 20+ years and our cats!

  25. For me it would be very simple after this sick kids so my husband and I can keep our date!

  26. My dream valentine's date would be Paris, but honestly I'm happy just spending the day with the one I love.

  27. my dream valentine is to spend my anniversary with my husband chillin at home watchin movies and enjoying each other. he travels for work and seems to never be home for our anniversary

  28. Chocolate. Anything involving chocolate is my ideal Valentine. Haha. Ideal date would be dinner at The Melting Pot.

  29. This is a lot of fun! THanks so much for sharing!

  30. Three years going strong! Congrats!

    My ideal Valentine is my hubby. He brings me chocolate and takes me out for lovely dinners.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  31. Thank you for offering this awesome giveawy!

    My ideal Valentine would be to spend the day with family. :)

    -Lindsey V.

  32. My ideal Valentine is pretty traditional. I want to be romanced - flowers, romantic dinner out, and then back home for hours of cuddling and making love...

  33. My perfect valentine is being with my hubby and rugrats

  34. My fav Valentine is staying at home with my love. This one says it all! =)
    Happy Valentine´s!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  35. Best Valentine ever is Madame Butterfly and a big bottle of wine... :)

  36. Happy Anniversary! Best Valentine would be nice dinner not cooked by me.

  37. Happy Anniversary! Ideal Valentine would be A great book and some Tiramisu.

  38. My ideal Valentine is just some away from the kids adult time with my hubby

  39. Another great V-Day activity to me would be a romantic picnic for two either on a sunny, private beach or by a lake where it is warm (which is NOT where I live, lol).

  40. My ideal Valentine is doing something both of us like while staying in!

  41. My ideal Valentine is my husband who always takes me out to eat when I don't want to cook!

  42. Happy anniversary! My ideal valentine changes every couple of days...with a new book. My ideal valentines have been homeless, movie stars, rock stars, bikers, vampires, and many times, they have been bad bad boys. I wouldn't trade anything for them. ;)

  43. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!!! Congratulations on three great years :) My ideal valentines would be something completely surprising, so in that respect, I have no idea haha

  44. Happy anniversary to you! I'm a valentine's Scrooge. My ideal valentine is my husband doing little things like flowers and date nights throughout the year ;)

  45. Happy Anniversary! My ideal valentine would be a night out without the kiddos. This single mom needs some "me" time! :)

  46. Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day - I would love some "real" reading time for my gift this year LOL

  47. My ideal Valentine would be someone who will tack care of me even in my worst condition And be there for me

  48. I would love to have a just a quiet romantic dinner for two, in front of a fireplace, with soft music playing in the background. Lots of finger foods to feed each other ;)

  49. My ideal Valentine is just spending time together. It's not about the flowers or the chocolate or fancy gifts (which are nice, but not a necessity). My husband brings me flowers throughout the year for no reason at all which means I'm his Valentine 365 days a year and not just 1. It's even nice spending a little time on that day with all 5 of my kids.

  50. My ideal Valentine's celebration is sitting at home kicking back watching a movie and eating popcorn with my man.

  51. My dream valentine would be a day at the spa, a delicious lunch, and to come home to my sweetie relaxed, buffed, waxed, massaged, and a good 80 pounds and 20 years lighter! lol I did say it was a dream!