Thursday, June 19, 2014

Taking Liberties: A Yankee Doodle Dandy Erotic Anthology

Looking for some naughty historical fiction? With a forward by amazing erotica author Tiffany Reisz, TAKING LIBERTIES will spice up your most patriotic of holidays. 

Can a young revolutionary find time with the alluring and bold shopkeeper's daughter, or will he be JOHN HANCOCKBLOCKED?

Alexander Hamilton is introduced to his wife through a good friend, in E PLURIBUS THREESOME.

A young Adams celebrates the opposition of the Tea Act with a willing young lady in TEA FOR TWO.

A spy in M'LADY'S SECRET SERVICE takes down a Hessian soldier, as only a woman can.

Patience teaches Mercy all she will need to know for a satisfying BOSTON MARRIAGE.

Join authors Mina Vaughn, Linda Cunningham, Joy Fulcher, KC Holly, Kimberly Jensen and Scott Stark, and Vivian Rider in a bawdy re-imagining of what the Founding Fathers really got up to under their breeches.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grown-Ass Man Tour & Giveaway

Welcome to the Grown-Ass Man Tour---a celebration of all the things we love about grown-up men. To help us extol the virtues of this delicious category of men, we've enlisted seven Omnific Publishing authors who've got some experience with grown-ass characters. Join the party by mingling with them at the links below from March 10 - 14.

Inline image 2
Amber Belldene, author of the Blood Vine Series
Autumn Markus, author of The Art of Appreciation
Feather Stone, author of The Guardian's Wildchild
Jennifer Lane, author of the CONduct Series
Julianna Keyes, author of Just Once
Nicki Elson, author of Divine Temptation 
Rachel Brimble, author of 16 Marsden Place

All Featured Novels Are Specially Priced At Only $0.99 – $2.99  throughout The Tour!

And what would a party be without gifts? Each author is hosting an individual giveaway at her place to say thanks for stopping by, and here at the Omnific Publishing blog we're hosting the Grand Giveaway---enter right here to win a $50 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice) and an eBook collection that includes a Grown-Ass Novel by each of the participating authors.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are so excited to announce our newest romance, Love In The Time of The Dead, by Tera Shanley. In fact we are so excited, we are giving a copy away, along with an AWESOME Zombie Survival Kit!!! Have you seen the scary-cool cover?!?!

You will learn more about that creepy zombie on the cover, and many more, on October 22nd! Just in time for Halloween!

Laney Landry has been fighting Deads alongside her brother and friends for three years. But she has a secret. She's immune to Dead bites and has to find the right people to trust with the information. Her team rallies around her to find a doctor who can extract a vaccine from Laney which could fight the virus that ended the world.

Sean Daniels leads a colony that provides her team with much needed shelter and supplies. He is obviously interested in Laney. The question is whether he's only intrigued by her as a source for the possible vaccine, or for something more. Tests for the cure might push her body beyond what it can endure, and just as she faces a ghost from her past, her longtime teammate Derek Mitchell hints at an interest in more than just her Dead slaying abilities.

Two honorable and alluring men - one colossal decision to make. Despite historically bad taste in men, can she rise above the chaos of the apocalypse and choose the one who deserves her heart? The right choice could mean the difference between surviving...and living.

Add Love In The Time of The Dead to your TBR and WIN an ebook or:

it all fits into the Zombie Survival Kit lunchbox :)

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Call for Submissions: Taking Liberties

Call for Submission for an anthology of Historical Erotica with a Founding Fathers Theme 

Edited by Lisa O’Hara/Omnific Staff
To be published by Omnific Publishing 
Deadline: November 1, 2013 (earlier submissions preferred) 

We are looking for submissions for erotic stories that take place during the American Revolution:
Presidential erotica (Washington through Jefferson), Ben Franklin and John Hancock in love, Thomas Paine is into pain (and bondage), that sort of thing. We are looking for fun, humorous, and most of all sexy takes on the men and women who shaped our country, for release on President’s Day, February 2014.

Did Betsy Ross sew corsets for some sexy cross dressing Minutemen? Was Paul Revere torn from the arms of a hot menage a trois to go on his famous ride?

All characters should be over 18; no incest, scat, bestiality, or (non consensual) slavery.

This call is open to all writers: both established, published authors and new, up and coming unpublished or self pubbed authors. 

Length: 5-10K words

 How To Submit: Email 
Only email submissions are accepted. Submissions sent to other addresses/other editors at Omnific Publishing will not be considered. Standard manuscript formatting rules apply. Please title the document: Title_Author initials_Anthology and put “Liberty Anthology” in the subject line. No simultaneous submissions (meaning, don’t also send your story elsewhere at the same time, and don’t send it to multiple editors), and no multiple submissions to the same book. One story per author per anthology. All stories must include explicit sexuality and erotic focus. Romantic content is welcome, but in a short story remember to keep the details on the action and its effects on the main character’s internal point of view. For more details on our editorial preferences, see the general submission guidelines on Try to avoid cliches. Fresh and direct language is preferred to overly euphemistic. Sex-positive, please. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Check Out Sexy Abs and WIN!

Well, win more than just the joy of checking out hot abs!

If you are going to the Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas event, you can enter to win one of FOUR Skip The Line Passes to get in to the signing an hour early! All you have to do is guess which one of these photos is NOT Dr. Ivan Rusilko (yes, the other 3 are him! You can ask him when you meet him in Vegas!) Post guesses on the Rafflecopter poll below, or at participating blogs (it's all the same Rafflecopter).  All guesses entered to win and only those attending Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas should participate.

Did you get a good look? What do you think? Go ahead, look again. Then enter your guess below. Once you've done that, you can like us on Facebook and Twitter to get more entries!

Contest open til 8/9, so get in your guesses now!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sexy Surfer Xavier Woos Shy Plus Sized Co-Ed Tamera in Romancing the Bookworm by Kate Evangelista, Out Today!

New Sweet and Sexy Summer Novel Joins Omnific's New Adult Line! 

We are proud to have Romancing the Bookworm by Kate Evangelista as our newest addition to our hot New Adult titles. With sexy college students breaking out of their comfort zone for just one week on spring break, Romancing the Bookworm will heat up your summer! You can find all of Omnific's titles, including our New Adult line, at


Sometimes, even the best-laid plans can unravel.

It's spring break, and Tamara Winters would rather stay on campus and read romance novels than flaunt her size-fourteen body on a beach. But her best friend, Ronni, has other ideas. Against her wishes, Tamara is whisked away to picturesque Maverick Bay, where she's wrangled into waiting tables with Ronni at the Shore Shack for its busy week leading to Maverick's Surf Invitational. There she meets fellow schoolmate Xavier Solomon, the Invitational's organizer and campus womanizer by reputation. From the moment Tamara sees him emerging from the waves like a hero in of one of her romance novels, all she wants to do is run away from the feelings he inspires in her.

Little does she know Xavier has been watching her for weeks now. In fact, after failed attempts at asking her out on campus, he's concocted a crazy plan: fabricating romantic situations straight out of her favorite books. Xavier quickly realizes that if Tamara gets a whiff of his designs, he might as well spell CREEPER across his forehead. Yet as they grow closer, he's convinced it's a risk worth taking. What he hasn't planned on, of course, is his drug-addicted, alcoholic stepbrother, who decides to join the fun and put a wrench in Xavier’s scheme.

Spring break is proving hotter than Tamara expected. Will her romance novels be able to compete?

Check out the book trailer! So fun!

About Kate Evangelista

When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn't going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she is in possession of a piece of paper that says to the world she owns a Literature degree. To make matters worse, she took Master's courses in creative writing. In the end, she realized to be a writer, none of what she had mattered. What really mattered? Writing. Plain and simple, honest to God, sitting in front of her computer, writing.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Release - Sleepers Awake

We have a new release! And it's a great one!

Overeducated and underemployed, Ivy League graduate Agnes Larch spends every day steeped in failure and sleeps every night without dreaming...that is, until the unexpected death of Ian Millbrook, the boy she's silently loved her whole life. Grieving and forced to confront her long-buried feelings for Ian, Agnes undergoes an arduous physical and spiritual journey to unearth her past and untangle her future. She walks in two worlds, the waking and the dreaming, each world filled with secrets, mysteries, and maybe, if she believes enough, miracles.

We are so excited about Eden Barber's debut novel, Sleepers, Awake. It's a beautiful moving story that we know our readers will fall in love with. 

We were lucky enough to have Eden take a few minutes and answer some of our crazy questions

Omnific: Sleepers Awake is your first novel, tell us about what inspired you to write and write this book in general.

Eden: It was an extremely personal exercise in coping with a friend’s unexpected death. Writing Sleepers was my way of grieving. Writing has always been appealing to me because it’s a way to transform pain and trauma into something useful. And if someone else reads what I’ve fashioned from my hurt and feels something or finds some solace, then that is a kind of miracle of being human, to be able to take something bad and make it beautiful, to change it into something that gives comfort. It kind of blows my mind, really, that writing and catharsis exist, and that mortals are capable of it. I remember a writing professor telling me that the more specifically one writes, the more it is only of one’s own experience, the more universal it becomes. So by writing for yourself, you end up writing for everyone.

Omnific: Can you share a little of your writing process with us? Are you a plotter or do you write as a scene hits?

Eden : I write in super productive bursts, and then I go fallow for about … a decade. I’m probably a one-hit wonder. I am Flock of Seagulls.
As for my actual process, I outline on post-its or scrap paper, and then write tidbits on my laptop. I edit as I go, moving things around, letting things sit, moving them some more, trying to find the rhythm or breath of a phrase.

Omnific: With summer upon us are you planning to escape somewhere? If you could go anywhere,  where would you LOVE to go on a vacation? And if you went, would you truly be on vacation or would you have a notebook with you to write when an idea strikes?

Eden: I would love to be somewhere quiet and air-conditioned, all by myself, maybe with a beach nearby. And wi-fi. My needs are pretty simple. I just want to sleep uninterrupted for about six hours, like, maybe once or twice in the next year. Since I’ve become a mom of a child who is not a fan, shall we say, of the sleep, all I think about is when, if ever, I’ll get a good night’s sleep again. If I had no other obligations but to sleep and write and eat, I’d be pretty happy.

Omnific: Since Omnific is all about the romance...what is your favorite romance scene in a book?

Eden: It’s not a romance scene, but for the mind games and intensity, nothing really beats that scene in Crime and Punishment when Raskolnikov forces Sonya to read the story of Lazarus to him.

Omnific: Now, if they made that into a movie who would you want cast opposite you? (Or if they have already made a movie, would you recast it?)

Eden: I don’t think of Raskolnikov as traditionally hot. I … have no idea. I’d like to be in a different movie, perhaps a rom-com with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yes. I WISH FOR UNLIMITED WISHES!

Omnific: And the dreaded question after months of editing…do you have anything that you are working on next?

Eden: I have just scraps of a novel, remnants, really, that I’m hoping to find time to put together. I don’t have time to floss these days though, so I’m not sure when I will have time to write again. It’s not a romance, though. And I have an idea brewing for a YA novel, but again … it may end up existing only in my brain.

I know you want to know how to win a copy of Sleepers, Awake, right? Well there are two giveaways going on right now. First we have one at Goodreads, so go sign up for that one.

10 eBooks and a $25 gift card (B&N or Amazon, winner's choice) are up for grabs, too!  Rafflecopter allows for multiple entries every day for the duration of the promotion.  ENTER TO WIN!!

Purchase this title in Print, Nook or  Kindle 
Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Eden. We know that the readers will all love Sleepers, Awake as much as we all did. Eden would love to hear from all of you! Here's where you can find her -
Still not convinced?  Check out the book trailer for Sleepers, Awake below...