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Berkley purchases Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno Series from Omnific Publishing in a seven-figure deal.

Berkley purchases Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno Series from Omnific Publishing in a seven-figure deal.

Penguin Group (USA) has acquired rights to publish two of USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Sylvain Reynard’s wildly popular books Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture, in a two-book deal on behalf of Omnific Publishing. The substantial seven-figure deal was facilitated by Knight Agency president Deidre Knight and co-agented by Melissa Jeglinski.

Both titles were purchased for Penguin’s Berkley imprint by Senior Editor Cindy Hwang and will be published in e-book and trade paperback formats. The digital release is to occur immediately, with print release to follow in the next few months. Berkley is planning a first printing of 500,000 copies of each book in trade paper. World and audio rights were also acquired by Berkley. The deal came about after months of dynamic sales in both digital and print outlets, with both titles consistently staying in the Amazon Top 100.

Omnific Publishing President, Elizabeth Harper, is thrilled to see this author and these books get the recognition she thinks they deserve: “These books transcend the stereotypical romance and take readers on a deep and moving journey that will stay with them forever.” She notes that she started Omnific with a dream of nurturing talented amateur writers into professional published authors. “Our motto is "Romance without Rules," and I think we've used that as a guiding principle in the development of our catalog. We believe that romance readers, who are primarily women, are intelligent, creative, sensitive, and complex, and books like these honor these qualities in those readers.”

Agent Deidre Knight sees great things in store for this union: “When I settled in with Gabriel’s Inferno for the first time, I found it to be a downright compulsive read—even better, I loved the lovely lyricism and depth to the writing. I think these two books are true gems, and it’s not an accident that Omnific Publishing has been so successful with them to date. It’s exciting to see what Berkley will do to give the books an even wider audience.”

About Omnific Publishing: Omnific Publishing, founded in 2009, is a female-owned and operated independent publishing company that seeks to publish fresh, relevant and entertaining fiction in a number of different media, including eBooks, audio books, and print editions. Omnific Publishing specializes in the genre of romance, including contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense, and erotic romance.
About Sylvain Reynard: Sylvain Reynard is interested in the way literature can help us explore important aspects of the human condition, particularly suffering, sex, love, faith and redemption. Reynard’s favorite stories are those in which a character takes a journey - either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself. Sylvain is also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a character. In Reynard’s writing, all of these elements are combined, along with the themes of forgiveness and the transformative power of goodness.

About The Knight Agency: Founded in 1996, The Knight Agency is one of the most successful boutique agencies in the country with more than 30 New York Times bestseller in the past two years. Collectively, the Knight Agency team has sold more than 2,000 titles to a broad spectrum of houses. Areas of fiction expertise include women’s, romance, young adult, literary, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and multicultural and inspirational/religious fiction, as well as nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, self-help, health, and financial/business titles.

For more information about Omnific Publishing, please send inquiries to: publisher@omnificpublishing.com. 

For more information about The Knight Agency, please send inquiries to: jia.gayles@knightagency.net.

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Author! Author! Blog Bounce

Yes...it is Thursday again. And we all know what that means! BLOG BOUNCE!!

A few quick reminders before the bounce - Check out Omnific's FREE DOWNLOADS to find some great free shorts from a variety of Omnific authors (Yes, I said FREE).

Several Omnific titles are still on sale for $2.99 for ebooks on Amazon.com

And...on Tuesday July 31st The Winemaker's Dinner will be available for purchase.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Release: Cocktails & Dreams

So... not only is it Thursday, which we all know is BLOG BOUNCE DAY, but Omnific had a new release this week!! 

Cocktails & Dreams by Autumn Markus went on sale on Tuesday.

 Jena Baker's life was a Type-A personality's dream: job she loved, degree almost finished, great friends... all firmly in her control until one night of insanity when her past collides with her present.

After a New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco, Jena wakes up in a strange hotel room beside her college crush, Nicholas Cooper. Funny thing, but showing her wild side to a man she knows makes the prospect of facing him the next morning infinitely worse, so she slips away before he wakes. Back home in Davis, she decides to let old flames die…but that doesn’t stop dreams of her night with him from coming back to haunt her.

Nicholas wasn't looking for change, other than a change of scenery. His life was perfectly pleasant, even, and rational…until J√§germeister led to a madly out-of-character night. Now he's dreaming of an angel his mind can’t quite remember but his body won’t let him forget.

When fate throws Jena and Nick together again, they find their physical attraction is undeniable. But they need to discover if there’s more to them than great sex.

Can a relationship that started somewhere in the middle ever work? Or is it all just Cocktails & Dreams?

Autumn was so nice to answer a few of our crazy questions and share some of her plans for the future.

Omnific: Cocktails & Dreams is your first novel, tell us about what inspired you to write and write this book in general..

Autumn: I’ve loved to write since I was a little kid (allowances always went to pads of paper and fat pencils-lol). I wrote and published poetry and horror stories in high school and college, but let it go by the wayside until about three years ago.
This particular book was inspired by a relationship in college, and a conversation about it with a friend years later that started my What if… in motion (all writers have a What if... Ask them :D)

Omnific: Can you share a little of your writing process with us? Are you a plotter or do you write as a scene hits?

Autumn: A little of both. I don’t start writing until I have the first and last scene very clearly in my head, and a mental timeline of the ‘high points’, or key scenes, of the story. In between those points, I let the characters speak to me, and if what they want is truly undeniable, I will change what I’d planned. For example, I was very sure how this book would end… until it didn’t end that way.

Omnific: With summer upon us are you planning to escape somewhere? If you could go anywhere,  where would you LOVE to go on a vacation? And if you went, would you truly be on vacation or would you have a notebook with you to write when an idea strikes?

Autumn: I wish! I have a big family with all sorts of activities, so I’ll just be here for the summer. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Ireland and Scotland. Those countries fascinate me, so I know I’d be writing things all of the time. Tell me that a good solo wander through the Irish or Scottish countryside doesn’t sound wonderful (though I just might get swept away by a Scottish brogue, so maybe I should take the hubs for safety’s sake)!

Omnific: Since Omnific is all about the romance...what is your favorite romance scene in a book?
Autumn: HAHA! I just planned to ask a variation of this question, except with movies, on my Facebook! Let’s see… You have to remember, I’m a geek girl (lol), but three books come to mind: third, the library scene in Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Very passionate! Next, two scenes in Cold Mountain (Charles Frasier)when Ada is overcome with longing and ends up in Inman’s lap (not in the movie, but SO good), and when she’s undressing for him near the end. My favorite, though, and this may be surprising, is a scene in
Stephen King’s book, Wizard and Glass. King’s description of the lovemaking between Roland and Susan is tender and heartbreaking and beautiful.

Omnific: Now, if they made that into a movie who would you want cast opposite you? (Or if they have already made a movie, would you recast it?)

Autumn: Cold Mountain and Atonement have both been movies, and I wouldn’t change a thing—Jude Law and James Mc Avoy! Wizard and Glass has not been a movie, but if I was the right age(Roland was just 15 and Susan 16), I would cast… can’t even go there! I feel like a kiddiestalker!

Omnific: And the dreaded question after months of editing…do you have anything that you are working on next?

Autumn: Actually, yes! I’m in the middle of editing a completed contemporary romance manuscript, and have two other stories in the works. One is a contemporary romance set in Tennessee, called “Growing Season” and one is a historical fiction/romance set in the post Civil War south and Midwest, called “The Best Laid Plans”. I love them both, but the time is coming that I’ll have to concentrate on just one for a while *bites nails*

And we have just that little tease to get you mind working...

“So?” He grinned and raised an expressive eyebrow. “Spill it, girl. What the hell happened last night?” Jena’s eyes widened in horror, and Travis laughed. “Not the gory details, spaz. I don’t want to have nightmares about that. I’ve just never seen you take off with a guy like that. And don’t even try to pull the ‘I was so drunk I didn’t know what was going on’ thing either, because I’ve seen you so twisted that you can’t see or walk, and you still have willpower of steel. Or actually, ‘won’t power.’”

Thanks so much for indulging us, Autumn and for giving us this little peek into Cocktails & Dreams!

If you want to find Autumn, here's where she is!


Web Site

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Author! Author! Blog Bounce

Once again it's Thursday (funny how that happens every seven days!) and that means that it is time for the Author! Author! Blog Bounce here at Omnific Publishing.

Before we get to the Bounce, I have a few reminders for you -

First, check out Omnific Publishing in the Kindle store on Amazon.com to find a whole list of ebooks on sale for just $2.99! Yep, that's right, you can get three great books for under $10! I know that you are always in need of something new to read as you lay by the pool or sit on the beach. And make sure you keep looking because we also have a few of our best sellers on sale for $4.99!

And don't forget if you go to Omnific Publishing, you can choose from 16 FREE READS to download including two great peeks into upcoming release, The Winemaker's Dinner by Everyly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko. Or the nice companion to Kasi Alexander's Keyhole Series, Learning the Ropes. You can also check out free reads from 13 of Omnific's authors that range from our Sweet to our Sexy offerings!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Winemaker's Dinner Cover!!

Happy Fourth of July! (Okay, I know it's the fifth now, but wanted to make sure we said it!) It's Thursday, which you all know means it's BLOG BOUNCE day. BUT...Omnific has an amazing surprise for you - The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers cover.

Drum roll...

The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers

Authors: Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond

Genre:  Fictionalized Erotic Romance

Release date: July 31, 2012

Summary:  Recently named executive chef at one of Miami Beach’s hottest restaurants, Jaden Thorne is determined to make her culinary mark and fulfill her professional dreams. When Jaden is given highly coveted tickets to the ultra-exclusive Winemaker’s Dinner, she jumps at the opportunity to meet South Florida's wealthiest and most influential food and wine enthusiasts.

Jaden’s eyes are drawn to the VIP section even before the appetizers appear, but she soon finds herself thinking less about networking and more about the intriguingly sexy stranger eying her from across the room. After dinner, what begins as a light-hearted flirtation unexpectedly catapults into a night of explosive passion. But when morning dawns, Jaden leaves her sleeping Mr. Oh So Sexy behind, sure they’ll never see each other again.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko, a handsome, young physician, boasts an extensive resume’ and a well-established position on Miami Beach’s social scene. But despite his success and glamour, he’s routinely had to suffer uninspiring dates and doomed relationships. With a romantic heart, Ivan’s not the love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type. But when he awakens to find that the girl in the red dress has done exactly that, he resolves to find her--only if it’s just to ask why she left without even a kiss goodbye.

The Winemaker’s Dinner is a fictionalized erotic memoir inspired by the romantic triumphs and tragedies of Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s real life. Weaving fact with fantasy, authors Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko have gifted readers with a swoon-worthy flesh and blood romantic hero and the intoxicating bouquet only a heartfelt tale of passionate love can create.

Website:  http://thewinemakersdinner.com

FB:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Winemakers-Dinner/#!/pages/The-Winemakers-Dinner/311019488964664
Twitter:  @EverlyDrummond and @IvanRusilko and @winemakersbooks

(By the way - THAT is the sexy Dr. Ivan on the cover! Yes ladies... you read that right. The romantic hero is on the cover, so while you are reading those steamy scenes you can flip to the cover and get a perfect picture for your imagination!)

And don't forget that right now at Omnific Publishing you can get the prequel shorts by each author for FREE!

RSVP from Dr. Ivan Rusilko and No Reservations by Everly Drummond will definitely raise the temperature of your summer and leave you wanting more of The Winemaker's Dinner.

Also, don't forget to check out the GREAT sale that Omnific is having. Several titles are available for Kindle download at Amazon.com for just 2.99! Check them out!

And now you know what time it is...

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Author Kasi Alexander talks about RomCon

Authors Kasi and Reggie Alexander spent the weekend of June 22 at the wonderful reader event held in Denver, CO, RomCon. The pair were there talking about their speciality...BDSM and their new book, Saving Sunni. Kasi was nice enough to share their experience with us.

We went to RomCon in Denver over the weekend of June 22. It’s a great event for us because it’s local and fairly low-cost. I’ll give you a rundown on some of the great events they had.

Of course there were lots of yummy men running around, usually without shirts. They had a contest for Legendary Hero, which I didn’t get to see, but I heard it was really cool. I heard rumors about a photo shoot, but I didn’t get to see that either. The hotel also had a Leatherman’s dinner on Saturday night, so there was even more eye candy walking around for awhile—in tight leather, yet! (I don’t think that was done on purpose, but you never know. Either way, it was fun to watch.)

New this year (I think) was the Titanic Tea Party. Wherever I went I heard people talking about what a cool event it was. Every attendee was assigned a real person from the Titanic, along with their background. At the end of the event, they found out whether they lived or died. There was a formal tea, a lesson on the language of fans, and some very impressive costumes and history. Everyone raved about how much fun they had and the beautiful prizes they ended up with.

Reggie and Kasi signing books for their readers

Then there was the Casino Night and Murder Mystery. I had been to casino nights before, but never really got into them. This one was quite different. You got an identity at the door (I was a gambler) and had a few things you were supposed to complete by the end of the night. I actually got into playing Texas Hold ‘Em and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the game, but it was a good time.

And, of course, there was the Chocolate Mangasm, hosted by the delightful Delilah Marvelle. Mangasm is always a great (and yummy) time. If you didn’t want to do your best orgasm (with microphone, no less), you could put condoms on blow-up dolls while handcuffed to another participant or play musical dildo. And eat chocolate. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate.

The event isn’t really big, but that’s a good thing in some ways. The authors are really accessible, there are tons of really good giveaways, and nothing that I saw was uncomfortably crowded. We came away with bags full of books and prices and I have a new, very long list of authors I want to try. If you’re looking for a reader-focused event to try, then consider coming to Denver next year for RomCon 2013! 

Thanks so much for letting us into the RomCon world through your eyes. I mean where else will you get chocolate, handcuffs and a musical dildo?? Sign me up for next year!