Thursday, February 9, 2012

Author! Author! Blog Bounce and GIVEAWAY!!

It's Thursday once again (funny how that happens...) which means that it's time for the Blog Bounce!

Before we get to that though, we have a GREAT announcement - Tuesday February 14 will be our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Omnific! Yes, two years ago Omnific released our Valentine's Anthology. It seems like it was just yesterday doesn't it??

In celebration of this exciting day, we want to reward YOU!

This Valentine's Day will be release day for our next novel, Sarah Glover's Grave Refrain. (Come back Monday to get the scoop on this release and Sarah Glover!) Our gift to you is free e-books...and here's how you get them:

Buy Grave Refrain on AMAZON on February 14, 2011, then send your AMAZON email receipt to to receive a code for a FREE ebook from Omnific!

That's all there is to do. Not only do you get a great new book to read, but you get a free e-book of your choice from Omnific's entire collection.

Now that we have you all excited...let's BOUNCE!!!

Here's how this works:

If you are an author, click on "Get the Code Here" to get the link. Copy and paste that link in your blog post. Then hop right on and add your blog url to get added to the list.

If you are a reader, you get to bounce from blog to blog and meet some great new authors and maybe find some new books to read.

So everyone hop on and go for a bounce!


  1. Two years! Wow, actually it's hard to believe all Omnific's accomplished in ONLY two years. Can't wait to see what the next two bring. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Omnific! I agree with Nicki--they've been a very productive two years. *hugs*