Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author! Author! Blog Bounce AND Cover Reveal!

Thursday always means Blog Bounce!!

Today, however, we are lucky enough to reveal the cover of an upcoming release at Omnific! Scheduled for release, Hannah Fieldings beautiful romance that brings to life Africa, Burning Embers, will be available April 24, 2012.

Is that gorgeous or what?? And as an added bonus - we wanted to give you a little peek with a small excerpt from the story.

Coral could not sleep. She stood on the deck of the ship that was taking her back home—or at least the home she had known as a child in Kenya. Mpingo…
         “Are you cold?” A soft, deep voice emerged from the darkness behind her, disturbing her reverie.
Startled, Coral jumped and swung around.
“Here, this will keep you warm,” said the stranger, slipping off his jacket and wrapping it around her bare shoulders. “Sunrise on the Indian Ocean is a breathtaking sight, especially when you’re watching it from the deck of a ship.” He spoke with a warmth that made the deep pitch of his voice quiver slightly.
This stranger seemed unlike the young men she had so often met in her social circle. He was not even a young man, but simply a man: warm, compassionate, and tactful.
“You seem to know this part of the world,” she ventured, now looking down at the dark ocean beneath them.
“I was born in Africa.”
“I was also born in Africa,” she murmured, “but I left a long time ago, and so many things have changed since then that I’m dreading what awaits me there.”

Sigh... can't wait for this one!

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  1. Love the colors in the cover and the excerpt has an "Out of Africa" feel!

  2. Love the cover and the excerpt leaves me wanting to know more about these two strangers. Can't wait!

  3. Yes! The cover is gorgeous -- and the exercerpt left me wanting to meet that stranger myself! Love that you've woven the wonder that is Africa into the story. Can't wait to read it. Good luck!!!!