Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Short Story Day Blog Hop

So today is International Short Story Day and the authors at Omnific thought it would be fun to get together and share some of their ideas and thoughts about short stories and why we love them. And as an added bonus, we at Omnific are HUGE on International. We have authors from Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, and the US as of right now, but I'm sure that we will be adding to that list over time!

So?? Sexy or sweet? Which ever you choose, remember that Omnific has both that you can download for free!

If sexy is your thing check these out -

Learning the Ropes by Kasi Alexander (our newest and a great companion to her Keyhole Series!)
Big Guns by Jessica McQuinn
Concessions by Robin DeJarnett
It's Only Kinky the First Time by Kasi Alexander
Starstruck by Lisa Sanchez
New Flame by BJ Thornton
Shackled by Debra Anastasia

And if you are looking for a sweet short we have those for you too!

Swim Recruit by Jennifer Lane
Sway by Nicki Elson
Full Speed Ahead by Susan Kaye Quinn
The Second Sunrise by Hannah Downing
The Summer Prince by Carol Oates
Whatever It Takes by Sarah M. Glover

Or, if you can't decide...try our Valentine's Anthology with a mix of both from authors Alice Clayton, Jennifer DeLucy, Nicki Elson, Jessica McQuinn, Victoria Michaels, and Alison Oburia starting at just $4.99.

Whatever you choose, short stories are a great way to get a taste of an author you might fall in love with.

And with that, please jump on our hop to celebrate International Short Story Day. Just click on the link and add your information then copy the link for the post on your blog...easy peasy!

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