Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Author! Author! Blog Bounce

Well it's Thursday again, and we all know that around these parts that means BLOG BOUNCE!!

Before we get bouncing, did you know that March is Read an Ebook Month? And that we are right now in the middle of Read an Ebook Week? It's true!

What a great idea! And to help you out, Omnific has ebooks that range in price from less than a dollar to under five dollars! For just 99 cents you can choose from our selection of short stories from some of your favorite Omnific authors or even get Jennifer DeLucy's Seers of Light or Debra Anastasia's Crushed Seraphim. Or for two dollars more you can choose from titles like Passion Fish, Cat O'Nine Tails, or Pieces of Us to name just a few. And another dollar or two? Man, you can get our latest releases and best sellers including Blood Vine, All American Girl and Poughkeepsie!

So for a few dollars, you can download an ebook and get going on Read an Ebook Week!

Okay...let's BOUNCE!

Here's how this works:

If you are an author, click on "Get the Code Here" to get the link. Copy and paste that link in your blog post. Then hop right on and add your blog url to get added to the list.

If you are a reader, you get to bounce from blog to blog and meet some great new authors and maybe find some new books to read.

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