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New Release - The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone

We have another new release!!

Today  Feather Stone’s The Guardian’s Wildchild becomes one of Omnific’s newest Paranormal Romance titles, and we are so excited to bring you an interview with the author today.

Caught in a reckless attempt to stop Dark forces, Sidney Davenport, a young, rule breaking, spirited member of the secret paranormal community of Guardians, finds herself imprisoned on a naval ship and slated for execution.  Her struggle with the unfamiliar emotions of fear and anger becomes even more complicated when she can no longer fight her attraction to the very man who has orders to perform her execution.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, a meticulous naval captain who’s suspected of treason, teeters on a precipice between Darkness and Light.  When he receives an unusual prisoner, a paranormal journey begins to unravel his disciplined life.  All the while, humanity is unknowingly at great risk when two Dark forces team up to acquire control of an elusive power.   Sidney and Sam attempt to quiet their powerful feelings for each other, only to discover they can save each other, and in doing so, they might even save the world.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the future—a future that is chilling, yet full of hope.

We talked a bit with Feather and got her thoughts about writing and romance.

Omnific : The Guardian’s Wildchild has a great romance wrapped up in a paranormal story. What was your inspiration?

Feather Stone: I wrote the story after a brief experience of time/space travel. I was physically transported to a ship with the captain standing beside me.  There was no verbal communication, but for a brief time we were connected to the depths of our souls.  It was a feeling of love that I had never before experienced.  The story materialized out of that experience.

Omnific : Your main character has several “talents” as a guardian. What would be the one talent that you would want to have?

Feather Stone: Sidney is so human and enjoys her “talents” without ego.  I have experienced and enjoyed many paranormal events throughout my life and used those experiences in the The Guardian’s Wildchild.  The talent that Sidney has but I’ve never experienced is telekinesis.  It would be a fun way to get my husband to do the vacuuming.

Omnific : What is your writing process like? Do you write when it hits you or do you make time to write?

Feather Stone: My writing process is 24/7.  If I’m not at the keyboard, my mind is constantly working on the characters, the action, or the dialogue.  When I was working as a paramedic, I had to focus on my patients and that was easy – I loved my work.  But, for the ten years in writing or rewriting the story, when my shift was over I couldn’t wait to get home at boot up my computer.  Often, I felt that I was an instrument of a spirit aching to tell her story.

Omnific:  Now, we are all about romance here at Omnific, so what is your favorite romantic scene from a book?

Feather Stone: The novel/movie “Anna and the King of Siam” - now that was romance.  The entire book/movie was romance that had me spell bound.

Omnific : If they made that book into a movie, who would play the hero? Or if they have did you like the casting of the hero who would you have liked to see in that role?

Feather Stone: The movie of that book had great casting.  Sadly I’m out of touch with the younger generation of actors.  For my book, if I could select an actor from generations ago it would be the young Katherine Hepburn as Sidney.  To me, the real hero is Sam.  He went through hell and risked everything to change is life, and succeeded.  As he was a tall handsome American/Japanese man, I don’t know of any Japanese actors who might fill that role with the exception of actors from North America’s aboriginal nations like Graham Greene.  I always envisioned a young Mel Gibson playing Danik.  Golly, am I an antique, or what!

Omnific:  Are you working on anything new that you want to share with us?

Feather Stone: I am working on a sequel to The Guardian’s Wildchild and another novel.  Both involve the paranormal and spirituality – and, of course, romance.  In The Guardian’s Wildchild I kept the romance and sex scenes rather tame – wanting to focus more on plot and character development. In the next book the heat in the romance will reach fever level.  Put on your oven mitts.

Ohhh! Looking forward to the romance and sex scenes of the next book!

We asked Feather to pick one of her favorite excerpts to share with you all as well. It’s probably the hardest thing to ask an author to do, so we thank Feather providing one for us.

Sidney stood up, bracing herself against the side of the bed. The sudden appearance of Captain Waterhouse shook her. Though she’d seen him before, her mind had been in a fog. Now, she saw not only the man, but sensed his power. When his staff acknowledged him with a brisk salute, she couldn’t help but notice it was performed with respect. She sensed they would willingly put their lives on the line without a moment’s hesitation if he so commanded. It took her breath away.

Sam raised his eyebrows. “Problems, Lorna?”

“Well, no harm done. Sidney took the initiative and removed her catheter.”

Sam crossed his arms over his chest. “I see. Isn’t that painful?”

“Not if you know what you’re doing,” Lorna explained.

“Interesting.” He paused, studying Sidney’s expression. “If you’re finished with your discussion, Lorna, I’d like to have a word with the prisoner.”

Lorna left.

“It would appear you know more about medical procedures than the average person. Is that correct?” Sam asked.

“I worked as a volunteer in a palliative care ward for a while, Captain. I saw things most people don’t. Wasn’t trained, just watched a lot of procedures.”

“Right. So you know the importance of procedures being properly carried out by the right people. Rules are there for a reason.”

Her back straightened, and she lifted her chin higher. “Not necessarily, sir. Rules are made mostly for machines or those who can’t be trusted to make decisions using sound judgment for the good of all. I live by only guidelines.”

“Well, the rules here on my ship are not simply guidelines. And, they’re not just for machines. I expect everyone, including prisoners, to follow procedure.” Sam’s voice was almost harsh.

He never broke eye contact with her for a second, yet he never made any threatening gestures either. He didn’t need to. His authority remained steadfast. And she never shied away from his domineering stance in front of her, though his broad shoulders reached the level of her chin.

“Well, Captain Waterhouse, you’re right about some rules. I do have one.”

“Yes?” he retorted.

She stood with her hands on her hips. “I control what goes on or in my own body. I control the what, where, when, why, and the how! If I don’t want a catheter, I won’t have a catheter. I bet, Captain Waterhouse, that’s in your rulebook too!”

She was so tense she was barely able to take in a breath and began to feel light headed. But as long as Sam maintained eye contact, she didn’t dare show weakness. For what felt like an eternal minute, he said nothing and stood firm. Eventually, a hint of a smile appeared on his face.

“Touché. I’ll give you that one.” His smile broadened.

At last she was able to step away and take in a breath.

“Thank you, Captain.”

She wanted to hide the fact that she was trembling, but her knees gave way. Reaching for the bed, she felt the floor sway, and her vision blurred. Sam called out for Lorna just before the darkness surrounded her. As she lost consciousness, she felt Sam wrap his arms around her.

When she opened her eyes moments later, she was back on her bed. He was bent over her, trying to unhook a lock of her hair from a button on his shirt. His face was close to hers.

Congratulations to Feather Stone on her new release and thank you so much for sharing with us!

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