Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Omnific Author Guest Blogs Cheat Sheet

Who doesn’t LOVE a cheat sheet??  No one, that’s who!

That’s why we thought that it would be a great idea to give our followers a little cheat sheet of some of our authors’ most recent guest blogging appearances around the web. I know that you already check out all of our authors’ blogs (right?), but you may have missed some of their guest appearances, so here you go!

First, check out A Tale of Many Reviews for several Omnific Author’s guest post including Nicki Elson, Sylvain Reynard, and Patricia Leever.
Speaking of Nicki Elson…she is on her Blog Blitz to promote the second edition and new cover for Three Daves. One of her other stops is at Jennifer Lane Books where she gives a peek at her idea for all three Daves.
Jennifer Lane talks about Omnific’s Summer Lovin’ Anthologies and gives a little peek at her short story, Swim Recuit, on At Random.  Or head over to Reading Away The Days to read Jen’s take on Adult Fiction –vs- Young Adult Fiction.
Carol Oates gives a great view into the thought behind the cover of her new release, Ember at A Tale of Many Reviews. And at YA Bound, she discusses Ember and even includes a depiction of one of the main characters, Draven.

Care for a little chat with the Devil? Check out Debra Anastasia’s interview with Jack from Crushed Seraphim on Lov, Liv, Life Reviews. Or get a little writing push from her at Supernatural Snark.

Robin DeJarnett’s blog tour for Whirlwind took her to Happily Ever After Reads, A Trail of Books Left Behind, and Supernatural Snark, just to name a few, where she talks about her characters and the world of contemporary romance.

As one of our great Aussie authors, Hannah Downing talks about Downunder food at Life is But a Dream. (Which by the way, I have it on the good authority of a second grader…vegemite is “gross”. Thanks for sending it Hannah!)
And of course, Lisa Sanchez hosted the Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza which gave a whole slew of Omnific authors the chance to guest blog. Check out what all our authors had to say about everything from breast cancer and the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies to their latest releases (of soon to be released books) to writing advice and observations.

And over on that sidebar over there, you can find all of our authors’ own blogs so be sure to click and go check them out.

As always…I have to remind you that our Summer Anthologies are only available for another couple weeks! If you haven't gotten yours, make sure you do. All profits are being donated to Save the Tatas Foundation to help with breast cancer research.

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