Friday, May 25, 2012

Saving Sunni Trailer Release!

Looking for a great summer read to help with those "now what?" blues after finishing the latest erotica series?? Omnific has something for you!
Kasi Alexander, author of Becoming sage, not only writes about the BDSM world, she lives the lifestyle everyday. The next book in the Keyhole Series, Saving sunni,  is due out next month but here's a little sneak peek...

And check out Kasi's blog for her latest entry "Strong Enough to Submit", a little insight into how the Dominant/submissive roles work and how they relate to her own life. Kasi has a great way of explain things that make those of us who aren't in that world can understand and relate to (and maybe even want to try!).

My favorite line from her blog post is:

"For anyone who hasn’t clued in yet, although there can’t be many of you left, submission is not about weakness. Submission is about finding someone you can trust enough to put in charge of your whole self, whether that’s for an hour or a lifetime."

Make sure to come back next month and check out our interview with Kasi and Reggie before the release of Saving sunni (She doesn't know about that part yet, though...).

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