Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day Five: Patricia Leever

Happy holidays my sparkly little love monkeys! I know you’ve been good little love monkeys and Santa will bring you lots of goodies this year.

Well, that is if Evie doesn’t catch him first. Okay, not Santa, per say, Evie and the crew are busy keeping the streets demon free and one that likes to come out this time of year is one we all know and love, the Grintoch demon. That’s right boys and girls, the Grinch is real!

As a child, little Theo Geisel (aka Dr. Suess) spotted the elusive Grintoch demon stealing Christmas decorations off of his front porch. Grintochs thrive on unhappy thoughts and they especially love to suck the joy out of the holidays. So don’t let the Grinch swoop in and suck out your joy, savor the holidays!

From my little corner of the world to yours, my delicious little love monkeys, have a glorious holiday season! And a little treat for you, my vision of Daniel. Thank you Chris Evans for posing for this photo, for whatever reason you did.

Find Patricia Leever's information below, and check out a *free* prequel with Evie's origin story HERE.
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