Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day Six: Kasi Alexander and Reggie Alexander

   The lights dimmed low in the dungeon as Sir Rune took to the stage in the center of the far wall. Raising his hands he called in strong clear voice, “May I have your attention please.” The crowd stilled and drew near.
   “I know it is the holiday season and all good girls and boys should be home in bed. But as we are seldom other than on the naughty list, we have joined this night for a special tradition. If you are new to our community I will let you in on our little secret.” Looking at all of the leather clad Masters and Mistresses and nearly naked submissives he smiled broadly.
   Motioning to sage and sunni he stepped to the edge of the stage, making room. His girls led a line of slaves onto the platform behind him, then at his signal they all knelt as one. Once more raising his voice he continued, “We here at the Keyhole club ring in the holiday season with a festive carol.”
    Jumping off the stage to allow an un-obscured view of the stage he turned to the kneeling ladies and said, “You may begin.”
    The sound of several beautiful voices then rose from the assembled slaves and sang, to the tune of Silver Bells:

    Dungeon playrooms, spanking benches,
    Scene in holiday style
    In the air
    There’s a feeling
    Of Christmas
    Floggers cracking
    Whips are snapping
    And at every play station you’ll find

    Sexy Doms, Sexy Doms
    It’s Christmas time in the dungeon
    Hear the screams
    Watch the scenes
    Soon it will be Christmas Day.

   Their voices trailed off and after a moment of stunned silence the room erupted in applause and cheers. Sir Rune re-took the stage and called in a cheery tone, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good scene.”

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  1. Love what you've done to that Christmas carol, Reggie and kasi! Fun post.

    1. Thanks Jen, it is just how we roll in the dungeon, lmao. Happy Holiday's to one and all.

  2. OMG, you guys are hilarious. This must be in the second book. I haven't read that one yet. Happy holidays.

    1. Sadly, that scene hasn't seen the light of day in a book yet. It was just something we did for the giveaway but glad people liked it.

  3. Well guess what song is stuck in my head now, hehe.

  4. I love Sir Rune, sunni, & sage! I can't wait to read more from these three and see how their lives are progressing :)